When Do You Know You’re Ready to Pop “The Question?”

Wow. It’s been 5 years. 5 YEARS. Yesterday marked 5 years since we decided to journey together as a couple. 5 YEARS!! ohmygoodness. And on December 29th of 2015, after much deliberation, anxiety, reflection, and anxiety (did I mention anxiety?) I finally decided to pop the question: “Elynn Rodriguez, will you marry me?” Watch theContinue reading “When Do You Know You’re Ready to Pop “The Question?””

A 3-Step “Hack” for Examining and Enjoying Scripture

Articulating the “why” and implementing the “how” are two things. That’s why some may spit some smoove words to you, but may not actually have game. OHHHHH! But that’s a topic for another day. (Get it together, Kevin.) The more I spend time with well-intentioned Christians, especially youth and young adults, the more I realize thatContinue reading “A 3-Step “Hack” for Examining and Enjoying Scripture”

Three Things I Learnt from Fasting for 72 Hours

If you are reading this, it means that I’m dead, or am in the process of dying. I can’t take it anymore.. Need………food….. … But let’s not kid ourselves. I love food WAY too much to part with it. So I decided, instead, to participate in a cellphone/social media fast for 72 hours facilitated by theContinue reading “Three Things I Learnt from Fasting for 72 Hours”

4 Things That Kept Our Long-distance Relationship Going for 4 Years.

You know what’s super awkward? Excitedly inquiring someone how their significant other is when they’ve totally broken up with them and currently hate their guts. Happened to me. More times than I care to admit. In a society where people change their partners like they change their socks, it’s not every day you meet someoneContinue reading “4 Things That Kept Our Long-distance Relationship Going for 4 Years.”

The Really, Great, Fantastic, News about… Guilt!

Guilt sucks. Nobody likes to feel guilty. Maybe you’re still holding on to guilt from something you’ve done in the past. Maybe you are expecting someone to feel guilty for something they did. Maybe you’re sick and tired feeling it every.single.time you choose to do “it.” No matter who you are, and what you’ve done,Continue reading “The Really, Great, Fantastic, News about… Guilt!”

How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.

I have to admit. Sometimes I think God is in an abusive relationship with me. I get it. “Abuse” is a word loaded with paper trails, court appeals, and restraining orders. It does have baggage. But when taken at face value, to abuse simply means to misuse, or use improperly. In that vein of thought,Continue reading “How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.”

The Single Most Important Choice You Can Make RIGHT NOW to Grow in Your Relationship with God.

What’s the most important choice you can make right now to grow spiritually? If I were to tell you, you probably wouldn’t even believe it. It is so simple, so unsophisticated, so candid that you might even kick yourself for not realizing it. At least that’s what I did when I first realized it. IfContinue reading “The Single Most Important Choice You Can Make RIGHT NOW to Grow in Your Relationship with God.”