Why I Can’t Celebrate Christmas

Honestly, I could end this post in a few lines. Fire in Oakland. Chapecoense football team.  Genocide in Syria. Bombings in Germany.  Explosions in Mexico. Attacks in Pakistan. Post-election America.  Add to this your own personal pains – the passing of loved ones, loss of opportunities, stresses of life – and they still wonder whyContinue reading “Why I Can’t Celebrate Christmas”

When Do You Know You’re Ready to Pop “The Question?”

Wow. It’s been 5 years. 5 YEARS. Yesterday marked 5 years since we decided to journey together as a couple. 5 YEARS!! ohmygoodness. And on December 29th of 2015, after much deliberation, anxiety, reflection, and anxiety (did I mention anxiety?) I finally decided to pop the question: “Elynn Rodriguez, will you marry me?” Watch theContinue reading “When Do You Know You’re Ready to Pop “The Question?””

The Gospel According to Pulse

My heart is heavy as I reflect on what is considered the worst terrorist mass shooting of U.S history. The shooting at Pulse hit many pressure points eliciting various responses. Gun control, the 2nd amendment, Islamophobia, homophobia, and terrorism were some of the various issues which were re-sensitized and brought to the fore. And caught rightContinue reading “The Gospel According to Pulse”

What Subway Taught Me About The Love of God

I was starving. The cacophony of voices from the transiting passengers at the Dubai International Airport was muffled by the growls of my stomach. Yes. I should have bought something in the plane. But i I’d just spent half my inheritance on a baguette at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris prior to thisContinue reading “What Subway Taught Me About The Love of God”

What I Learnt from Having My Dad For The Past Three Weeks ( and why you should connect with your family NOW)

Dada left. We’d spend almost a month together and yesterday, he caught a flight back to Michigan from where we are in California. It’s been surreal having him around. There has to be a word that’s more memorable than “memorable” to describe the experiences I’ve had with him during the past few weeks. My pastorContinue reading “What I Learnt from Having My Dad For The Past Three Weeks ( and why you should connect with your family NOW)”