Christmas Confessions of a Third-Culture-Kid

Christmas is painful sometimes. A significant part of the problem is being unable to identify what “home” really is. Home is where the heart is, people say. But what if my heart is in many different places? Does that mean I have multiple homes? If so, then is there a place out of all theseContinue reading “Christmas Confessions of a Third-Culture-Kid”

The Only Reason Why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

“Potlucks” “Family-feel” “Haystacks” “My parents” “My teacher” “Sabbath” “Sam’s chicken” And the list goes on when one’s inquired about why they are a Seventh-Day Adventist. In light of the recent notoriety the denomination has been getting through media and news networks, I had to revisit this question myself: “Why are YOU a Seventh-Day Adventist, Kevin?”Continue reading “The Only Reason Why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian”

How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.

I have to admit. Sometimes I think God is in an abusive relationship with me. I get it. “Abuse” is a word loaded with paper trails, court appeals, and restraining orders. It does have baggage. But when taken at face value, to abuse simply means to misuse, or use improperly. In that vein of thought,Continue reading “How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.”