What I Did Not Like About #ItIsTimeAU

The back story is long. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, you can read the context to this post here, here, here, or here. If you know a thing or two about what happened, let’s jump right in. Here are 4 things that I didn’t like about #ItIsTimeAU ( and byContinue reading “What I Did Not Like About #ItIsTimeAU”

20 Ways to Not Waste Your Snow Day.

I am snowed in. It’s nice 🙂 And I’m sure the same feeling is shared, for the most part, by my sleep-deprived, frost-bitten friends who attend Andrews University located in Narnia, Michigan. If your school/workplace declares a snow day, and you have a whole day just for youself, here are some things you could do: 1) CallContinue reading “20 Ways to Not Waste Your Snow Day.”