What I Learnt From Raising $7000 Over 7 Days

Jim* is financially cleared for this semester. Jim’s bank account is out of the negatives. Jim can register for next semester’s classes. Jim won’t be kicked out of his apartment. Jim has a bed. A few weeks ago, this was not the case. But through a series of fortunate, yet intentional, events, few friends fromContinue reading “What I Learnt From Raising $7000 Over 7 Days”

Why I Did Not Overlay My Facebook Profile Picture

If you were on Facebook this week, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here are three reasons why I didn’t do it. 1) The problem of selective solidarity France. Lebanon. Syria. Japan. Mexico. These were the countries who were severely affected during the same time as France, and yet where were the respective overlaysContinue reading “Why I Did Not Overlay My Facebook Profile Picture”

The Only Reason Why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

“Potlucks” “Family-feel” “Haystacks” “My parents” “My teacher” “Sabbath” “Sam’s chicken” And the list goes on when one’s inquired about why they are a Seventh-Day Adventist. In light of the recent notoriety the denomination has been getting through media and news networks, I had to revisit this question myself: “Why are YOU a Seventh-Day Adventist, Kevin?”Continue reading “The Only Reason Why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian”

What Christians Do That is Worse Than Rejecting God

I recently read a quote last week that messed me up. “The darkness of the evil one encloses those who neglect to pray.” – Ellen White in “Steps to Christ.” “Yep. Heard that before. Nothing new there. Obviously when I refuse to pray then…” And that’s when it hit me. She doesn’t say refuse to pray;Continue reading “What Christians Do That is Worse Than Rejecting God”

4 Things That Kept Our Long-distance Relationship Going for 4 Years.

You know what’s super awkward? Excitedly inquiring someone how their significant other is when they’ve totally broken up with them and currently hate their guts. Happened to me. More times than I care to admit. In a society where people change their partners like they change their socks, it’s not every day you meet someoneContinue reading “4 Things That Kept Our Long-distance Relationship Going for 4 Years.”

Why Bible Reading is Difficult and What you Can Do About It.

“ It’s too boring…” “It’s too hard…” “It’s not relevant…” “I don’t get it…” “It’s too old…” And they go on. I’ve heard them, you’ve heard them. Let’s face it: Reading the Bible can sometimes be a slow death experience. Maybe it hasn’t for you. But it surely has been for me. Pastors, teachers, andContinue reading “Why Bible Reading is Difficult and What you Can Do About It.”

3 Things Candy Crush Taught Me About Life.

It consumes you. For those of you with the app ominously hanging on your phone screen, Candy Crush has been the cause of your procrastination and the lord of your unaccounted time among other things. Nevertheless, this game was my constant companion during my recent flight to California. The colorful combinations of candies coupled withContinue reading “3 Things Candy Crush Taught Me About Life.”

The Really, Great, Fantastic, News about… Guilt!

Guilt sucks. Nobody likes to feel guilty. Maybe you’re still holding on to guilt from something you’ve done in the past. Maybe you are expecting someone to feel guilty for something they did. Maybe you’re sick and tired feeling it every.single.time you choose to do “it.” No matter who you are, and what you’ve done,Continue reading “The Really, Great, Fantastic, News about… Guilt!”

Post #GCSA15: 5 things Adventist Millenials can do after the General Conference

It. Is. Finished. Now what? These are 5 things that you and I can do in light of, and in response to, what has happened. 1) Speak up. Even Twitter didn’t see it coming – the interactive contribution of SDA millennials across the globe displaying the most effective use of a hashtag I’ve seen tillContinue reading “Post #GCSA15: 5 things Adventist Millenials can do after the General Conference”

How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.

I have to admit. Sometimes I think God is in an abusive relationship with me. I get it. “Abuse” is a word loaded with paper trails, court appeals, and restraining orders. It does have baggage. But when taken at face value, to abuse simply means to misuse, or use improperly. In that vein of thought,Continue reading “How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.”