I am Kevin Wilson.

I was born in Sri Lanka, moved to the Sultanate of Oman when I was 12, and have lived in Maryland, Lebanon, Michigan, and California.
Over the past 30 years, I’ve picked up 3.5 languages and have traveled to 13 countries

Currently, I’m a youth and young adult pastor at the Oceanside SDA Church attempting to help my tribe think meaningfully about their lives so they can live their lives meaningfully. 

I also try to do this on TikTok and Instagram through storytelling. 

My multi-cultural upbringing has instilled me this deep belief that people cannot be reduced to a sum of body parts, a few sentences on a social media post, nor a set of labels.

I believe people are stories, created in the image of God with a capacity for love and to love. 

Chai (spiced milk tea) has been a companion during these cross cultural adventures; an enduring connector of humanity, and a placeholder for things like home, family, hospitality, and community. 

If you’re here, chances are you already know that 🙂

I’d love to get to know you more. Hit me up on any of the links in the homepage and let’s have a virtual chai 🙂 

Cheers, friend. 

The views and opinions expressed by the author and the comments on these blogs are the authors and his alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh day-Adventists, its churches, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, or its employees thereof.

4 thoughts on “

  1. I appreciate you. You make my heart happy (and you are educating my palate). Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your words and your faith. If only you had a regular podcast 😊

    Btw: you are helping me “reset” my faith after a very disappointing, but even more disheartening, situation within my Presbyterian church (and I LOVED my church and it’s beliefs).

    🥰thank you

  2. Just heard a great mention of your work on “the Bible binge” and went to your website.
    Your “I believe…” statement about our stories — exactly!!’

  3. I’m old school and don’t have social media accounts nevertheless I heard you speak at LLU this week and I was inspired and impressed by your message and approach to spirituality. Just wanted to learn more about your ministry and Chai. Can you believe I also have never tasted Chai?

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