Christmas Confessions of a Third-Culture-Kid

Christmas is painful sometimes. A significant part of the problem is being unable to identify what “home” really is. Home is where the heart is, people say. But what if my heart is in many different places? Does that mean I have multiple homes? If so, then is there a place out of all theseContinue reading “Christmas Confessions of a Third-Culture-Kid”

What I Learnt From Raising $7000 Over 7 Days

Jim* is financially cleared for this semester. Jim’s bank account is out of the negatives. Jim can register for next semester’s classes. Jim won’t be kicked out of his apartment. Jim has a bed. A few weeks ago, this was not the case. But through a series of fortunate, yet intentional, events, few friends fromContinue reading “What I Learnt From Raising $7000 Over 7 Days”