The Only Reason Why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

SDA 1 reason




“My parents”

“My teacher”


“Sam’s chicken”

And the list goes on when one’s inquired about why they are a Seventh-Day Adventist.

In light of the recent notoriety the denomination has been getting through media and news networks, I had to revisit this question myself:

“Why are YOU a Seventh-Day Adventist, Kevin?”

I am not going to lie. This was a tough one. When I reflected on my 25 short years as an Adventist, however, I was able to boil it down to a single reason onto a single sentence.

The only reason I am a Seventh-Day Adventist is because I believe that we have the clearest, richest, and fullest picture of the love of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

That’s it. The following is the “un-packaging” of this  long over-due, comprehensive explanation I owe to you, my reader.

Hopefully by the end, you’ll not only get a better look into why I believe what I believe, but also understand why I do and say the stuff I do and say.

Here we go:

How we understand the Scriptures ( the Bible ) presents Jesus as a serious BOSS. He is the Writer, Editor, Compiler, Creator, Presenter, and Protector of this meta-narrative that my friend calls the “God-Story.” The Old Testament points forward to the coming of Jesus and the New Testament looks back at the Jesus who’s already come.

How we understand the Trinity exalts Jesus as One with the Father and the Spirit – distinct yet equal in authority. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit live out their lives in each other, through each other, and this other-centered love has been poured out full strength to the human race through the person of Jesus Christ.

How we understand creation presents Jesus as One through whom all things were made and in whom all things hold together. I believe that He is the soundtrack of all nature, and the sustainer of all life.

How we understand the seventh-day Sabbath reminds me of what was created through Jesus and what was redeemed by Jesus. This is a time where I can fully rest from my need for validation and rest in the love of God.

How we understand the nature of humanity let me know that I am known, valued, understood, appreciated, and enjoyed because I’ve been created by Jesus. Because I’m fearfully and wonderfully made, my life finds its purpose, joy, and function in and through Him.

How we understand the “God-Story” or the Great Controversy, presents Jesus as the conquering hero who has successfully completed the ultimate rescue mission in earth’s history. I find my place in this story as a beloved, victorious son of God who’ll one day see the face of his Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.

How we understand the life, death and resurrection of Jesus elevates Christ as the theme and song of all Biblical history. We believe that His account isn’t localized within just the first four books of the New Testament, but from Genesis to Revelation, every chapter and every verse, echoes His love ultimately manifested through His sacrifice on the cross.

How we understand salvation magnifies Jesus as the Author, Provider, and Finisher of our salvation. We are justified by His blood, sanctified through His Spirit, and will one day be glorified through his grace.

How we understand our spiritual growth transforms every waking moment of our existence as a spiritual experience through the spirit of Jesus. The dichotomous relationship between the “sacred” and the “secular” is decimated through Him. The more I’m aware of His presence in my life, the more I grow into his likeness so I can treat others as He did – with compassion, justice, and mercy.

How we understand the church honors Jesus as the foundational ‘adhesive’ who unites all His children together. This is a community where everyone is entrusted with embodying and telling someone the God-Story. It is a refuge in the midst of this stormy world where we pray together, play together, and process together all the while praising Him who has our back.

How we understand the mission of God’s remnant finds its reason and method in Jesus. We are to introduce others to His love, experience joy in Him, and live out our lives in him as we approach the end of this sojourn on earth.

How we understand Baptism as a symbol of our new birth, finds its impetus and rubric in the life and death of Jesus. As I rise up from the ‘watery grave’, it’s an outward expression of an inward change that has taken place because of Him.

How we understand the Lord’s Supper as an emblem of Jesus’ experience invites all His friends to authentic service, brotherly love, and faithful community in Him.

How we understand the gift of prophecy highlights Jesus as its theme of contemplation and admiration. The ministry of this prophetic gift through Ellen White has brought me closer to Jesus than anyone has ever done.

How we understand the law of God honors Jesus as the mode and purpose for relational faithfulness between God and us. Because of what He did for me on the cross, I no longer work towards victory but from it.

How we understand stewardship acknowledges Jesus as the Provider of my time, talents, and resources. I am entrusted with them to better the environments I find myself in, whether it be within the community of God or outside of it.

How we understand marriage as a heavenly institution finds its reason for existence in Jesus. His selfless love poured out to his bride – the church – gives me a model from which I can learn to love my spouse.

How we understand Christ’s ministry in the heavenly sanctuary elevates Jesus as not only my Savior and Friend, but also as my Judge, Advocate, and High Priest who prays for me even right now!

How we understand the end of life honors Jesus as the Conqueror of death! Death is not the end, but a sleep! The real and living hope of reuniting with loved ones energizes my life’s pursuits.

How we understand the millennium, the new earth, and the second coming lauds Jesus as the King of a new kind of existence – one where there will be no more sickness, no more pain, no more death, and no more sorrow. A place filled with inexpressible joy and unfathomable happiness and peace. A place where I can finally see my ever faithful Friend face to face.

There it is. The package and its contents.

I don’t have 28 reasons as to why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist.

I have One. And He’s all I need.

What about you? If you are a Seventh-Day Adventist, why are you one? if you are not, ask me ANYTHING if you want to know more! I’ll do my best to answer them. Leave a question or a comment below!

Published by Kevin Wilson

Third-Culture Kid. Millenial. Christian. Seventh-Day Adventist. More about me on the ABOUT page! Check it out!

95 thoughts on “The Only Reason Why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

    1. Well, I have to say this was interesting. I’ve not quite heard it explained like this, but a first for me. As a 4th generation SDA I recently left the church because there is no such thing as LOVE left in this church. (actually don’t there really ever was) There are only rules and SO MUCH rhetoric. It makes me sick. It is not about Jesus and love, it is about the Sabbath and not eating meat or drinking wine. Those are SO much more important than love. A few years ago the religion section of USA TODAY did a front page article on the fastest growing church in the US and it was the SDA church. and the headline said, ” Rest on the Sabbath. Heed Old Testament dietary codes. And be ready for Jesus to return at any moment”……All of my SDA friends got SO excited and it went viral on facebook as to how proud they were that the church was being recognized in ‘the world’. All I could think of was the words of Jesus,, ‘By THIS will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have LOVE for each other’. NOT by the day you keep or the food you eat or don’t eat. This church is not known for it’s love. This church has NO love. Never once in my life I have ever heard the word LOVE associated with the SDA church. It can’t possibly be of God. And I know…..I’ve been on the inside for my whole life. I could write volumes of what I have seen and heard, but will spare you. All I know is that JESUS and his love is the ONLY way to heaven, NOT being a member of any church

      1. Hi rita! well, let me start off by saying that I fully agree with you on your premise: that Jesus and his love is the ONLY way to heaven and NOT being a member of any church. I am so sorry to hear about your rough experiences with the SDA church. Even well-intentioned church goers can be jerks. AS a friend, I hope to be listening ear if anything to hear about your angst. I find it surprising and interesting, however, how the same church can evoke two different responses from the both of us. I don’t know about you but I often find that it’s usually not the “church” who hurt me but that elder in abcdef SDA church who did. The “church” which pissed me off at times usually boiled down to one or more individuals, sometimes a congregation, but never an entire community. I asked God to change my vision, and then I began to see the love of God in our doctrines. I began to base my commitment to God and the SDA church based on what I found about His love in Scripture rather than on how the people treated me or the doctrines. I learnt not to throw the baby with the bathwater.
        If you’re looking for one, I hope you find a SDA church community that allows you to see the love of God displayed in the face of Christ. Thank you once again for stopping by! 🙂

      2. Sounds like you were so hurt. I agree belonging to a church is not a prerequisite for going to heaven. I’ve seen some of what you are talking about inside and outside the SDA church even at the time Jesus was here on earth! Jesus was put to death my Sabbath keeping, law abiding Adventusts!!!
        Too bad / and sad that your experience was so negative! Sounds like the people of influence in your circle believed in a arbitrary, vengeful, exacting, punitive God. It is a known human attribute to become like whom we admire: the God we admire.
        There really is another view out there… An ever growing group that is convinced that God believes and values NOTHING higher than the freedom and friendship of his people. We can feel comfortable in the presence of one who knows us soooo well, and he is gracious! All he asks is for love and trust in return, for both Him and for those we encounter daily.

      3. You have made a valid point about the lack of love & critical actions towards others within the SDA church. Your view about not eating meat or drinking wine leave room to ask what your views are? While we should be cautious before judging any behaviour of others between the Bible & SOP we can be sure that God is calling us to holiness & His power will save us.

      4. Hi! thanks for stopping by. I do agree with you that God is indeed calling us to holiness, and a part of that has to do with our diet. However, we should not make the error of making minor issues major and major issues minor. The minor issue in this conversation is that of a vegetarian diet, which people are given the choice to choose. The major issue is that of choosing to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice to God.

      5. I know the love of God through the SDA church. Our small church was awesome, the elders loved us kids and made sure we knew it! They took us out on outing like camping and boating and picnics. We had bible study and church camp outs. My parents did not go with me, it was just me but I didn’t feel like I was looked down on because of that. They welcomed me with open arms. Now I have moved and gotten married and have 3 kids, if I do not feel the warmth of Jesus in the church I will not stay long, that feeling that I first felt when I was 11 years old. I might not belong to the SDA church now but that love of Jesus has not left me.

  1. The is was SUCH a great post about SDAs! Thank you so much for writing a beautiful perspective of our denomination. Definitely sharing.

  2. Hey Kevin, I’m a Seventh-Day-Adventist, and I really appreciate your explanation. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, huh? You’re so right, all these points about how we interpret Scripture are just pointers giving us a clearer picture of JESUS. Growing up in the church and going over the steps as a mature Christian, I’ve come to the same conclusion. It’s all about Jesus, and any time our beliefs make us less like Jesus, we need to do some serious recalibrating! God bless, Brother!

  3. I was baptized yesterday into the fellowship of the Seventh-day Adventist movement. This piece will absolutely find a place on my office wall and Facebook time line. This absolutely clariefies the majority of questions of the “what now” experience after baptism.

    Thank you for sharing, babes in the faith like me have great benefit from this.

    1. Thamsanqa!! I’m so excited for you!! Starting this adventure with Jesus is the BEST choice you can EVER make in this life AND in the life to come! I’m glad that this article spoke to you. I pray that as you commune with others in the faith and strive to be His disciple by HIS grace, you will come to see Jesus as not only the subject of our beliefs, but the lens through which we look at them. 🙂

  4. If it’s truly all about Jesus, shouldn’t we be more like him? I can remember a day once upon a time when Adventism reflected Jesus by our support for the poor, our help for the sick, our love for our fellow human beings, and our pacifism. I don’t see that anymore. Today most of the Adventists I know are anti-poor (the poor should work and not make poor choices), the sick (health care is not a right, ObamaCare worse than slavery – Ben Carson), close the borders, send the poor starving immigrants home where they came from, and pro-gun. I don’t recognize my church anymore and it saddens me. If Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever, how have we Adventists become so filled with hate? Every denomination in Christendom claims to follow Jesus. Maybe it’s time we quit talking about our expertise on Jesus and instead let our actions speak. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these…”

    1. Hi Paul! thanks for taking the time to engage with the post. What I’m hearing from you is a heartfelt cry from someone who’s genuinely concerned about the state of our church, and that gives me joy. It is truly about Jesus and indeed we should be like him. What are some steps we can take, individually and as a denomination, to reflect more of his character and ideal?

    2. When we each look at ourselves and make changes for ourselves then we will be able to look around and see the positive change you are hoping for…
      As for my local church, we were able to raise about AU$25,000 just last weekend for a mum needing cancer treatment – I saw the hands and feet of Jesus at work for sure, I saw many with the heart of Christ working together.

    3. Paul you are making a common mistake, that of confusing motive with method… anti-poor? as a conservative my heart goes out to the poor and I have given of my time, money and means to help the poor, I just don’t believe that its the government’s responsibility to force people to help the poor in ways that I and many others believe doesn’t actually help them! I would appreciate it as a Christian if you would stop the name calling and actually help by creating unity instead of division.

      1. Roger……. Paul’s description of the conservative SDA members he speaks of has also been my experience. They are members of my family and their friends. The vitriol I hear about refugees, Muslims, illegal aliens, Obama care, gun ownership rights, welfare recipients is identical to his description. There is a lot of preaching done, but they don’t see that they need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. This behaviour pushes me away instead of drawing me in. They are not representatives of Jesus.

      2. Unfortunately Rennette many of our members seem to be this way also. But because of those who do follow Jesus and caring for the under privileged they keep me an SDA

  5. Kevin, You set my heart singing! John 17:3 “Now this is eternal life-that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.” is still true All of the rest of Adventism’s uniqueness better help me know Him or it is simply baggage to be jettisoned eventually.


    1. Gerald! you’re the man for referencing one of my favorite verses in the Bible! 🙂 And I wholeheartedly agree with your latter hypothesis. A question: How can we effectively gauge if something is “baggage” as it pertains to our beliefs?

  6. First off, thank you so much for taking the time to share your inspiring words! I really needed to hear a lot of that when I chose your story to reflect on this morning. I do have one, seemingly menial question… How are we supposed to respond to those who bring up touchy topics such as homosexuality or women’s ordination? How can we progressively show Christ’s undying love and yet not cop out by not satisfactorily answering them? I know and understand that not everyone will be pleased with the answer given and that maybe we will only be planting a seed which someone else will harvest years down the road, but is there a way to potentially avoid conflict and strife?
    Again, thanks for sharing your enlightened wisdom 🙂

    1. Hi friend! thank you for dropping by and taking the time to engage with my post! you’re asking some very pertinent question and let me the first to admit that as a whole, we haven’t done a very good job of holistically and comprehensively answering these questions from a denominational standpoint. I believe, however, that the more we deal with these issues head-on within the context of the love of God in Christ Jesus, the more heat we’re going to get – either from the ‘left’ or from the ‘right.’ The conflict and strife may be necessary by-products or catalysts in effecting real and sustainable culture change. What do you think?

      1. I submitted a response, but not sure it went through, so resubmitting:
        I like what you are saying in this article about the crucial importance of the God-story and the Jesus meta-narrative and how all of Scripture points to Him. But most of what you described are Christian truths represented in several strains of Christianity, and does not merely belong to the Seventh-day Adventist movement. You have not demonstrated how unique elements of SDA are more Biblical or more spiritual than the rest of Protestant evangelical Christianity.
        What is the spiritual benefit of continuing to be enslaved to the OT dietary laws despite Acts 10 (see also Matt 15:11; 1 Tim 4:1-5)? Why the obsession with Ellen G. White, her visions and her writings? Why the insistence on meeting on Saturday even when the Bible demonstrates that the early church met on Sunday, the “first day” of the week (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:2), which was intended to honor Christ’s resurrection (Matt 28:1; Mark 16:2; Luke 24:1; John 20:1, 19)?
        I believe that SDA’s distinctives – again, including unnecessary observance of the dietary laws, obsession with Ellen G. White, soul sleep, and meeting on Saturday – obscures the Christ-story, rather than spotlights it. How is this not falling into the legalism that Paul explicitly warned about in Col 2:16 (see also Mark 2:27; Rom 14:3, 17; Gal 4:9-11)? The gospel is veiled behind tertiary – and unbiblical – theological distinctives of SDA.
        I am not trying to be critical, I really want to have some dialog with you about this; but that is just my honest assessment of your article and of my interaction with SDA.

      2. Hi Matt! thank you for stopping by and engaging with the content of the article. to be sure, the purpose of the article is two-fold: to write out what I have been feeling about my faith for a while and also to show where Christ fits into our unique theology. As far as your questions on the distinctives are concerned, I’d rather engage them with you on a question by question basis over email rather than on the blog post. my email is looking forward to the dialogue. 🙂

  7. I grew up in the (United) Methodist church and went agnostic for a while through high school and college. I came back to Christianity because God kept calling me. I became an SDA because there is no other group I’ve found that has a better more full-up total understanding of the Bible. Hypothetically, if some other group came to my knowledge that had a more full big-picture understanding of the Bible, I might move on, but from my understanding of Scripture, I am pretty sure this won’t be happening… Thanks for your insights.

  8. P.S. Not worth posting, but it’s “Seventh-day Adventist” per the style guides (versus “Seventh-Day Adventist” as used in the article 🙂 Cheers, brother.

  9. Thank you for expressing what I have always believed my reasons are for being a Seventh- Day Adventist. With Christ in the center, everything makes sense.

  10. Hi Kevin, thanks for the post—it was clear and clean and true. A couple of friends and I are launching a new website this week called You can see some of what we’ve been doing on our Facebook page, stilladventist. I hope you’ll consider writing for us sometime!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful words Kevin.

    Could you comment on the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the church please? When I was baptized I was given the list and asked to follow it. One I told the Pastor I could not follow it and did not believe it was Bible based and showed him passages that speak in the other director. He baptized me anyway thankfully. But I talked with others that their Pastor would not baptize them if they continued to wear a wedding band even.

    I love the church but have a hard time justifying all those Beliefs to myself much less to the guests who run when they say we have too many rules …..

    I’ve had 2 Pastors ask me not to mention them until we get people into the church. I have a very very hard time with that also. Fortunately I have not been placed in the position after once being scolded after mentioning them in a Bible Study class on Romans where the people were not all Seventh-day Adventist. They were hoping to get a lady and her 2 grandchildren into the church and so they didn’t want them to know about them.

    What do you think?

    1. Deborah! thank you for engaging with the content of this post. Thank you also for sharing those experiences. From what I’m reading, it seems that it’s not necessairly the beliefs themselves that you’re struggling with but how they were presented to you. One of my intentions in writing the post was to show where Jesus is in all 28 doctrines – how HE is the subject, theme, and purpose of all the beliefs. If that is true, then one should be able to see the love of God lucidly manifestly in our beliefs, and that’s what I see and also the reason why I’m still an Adventist.
      I do find your experiences troublesome, disheartening, and a misrepresentation of the true purpose of these beliefs that we hold dear. My prayer is that you begin to see the Christ IN these beliefs and draw closer to him!

      1. I agree with most of the beliefs but fill they aren’t necessary if we are to say we are simply Bible based and Bible standing then lets me that. But half the members truly judge me each Sabbath about my earrings and rings (not distracting or big or gaudy but simple). I feel they are just legalist and should concentrate on their own life with Jesus and let me do mine. But many have said things to me and brought me books that purported only harlots, wholes, and prostitutes wear jewelry. Of course, I was offended but simply returned the book and said thank you. I will not let them drive me out of the church I love but I do wish they would do away with the 28 fundamental beliefs. I’ve read that the church only wrote those as they were being hounded to tell the world their beliefs and then were sorry they did because often they are used to claim we are a cult. But still at this year’s general conference they made changes to the beliefs (just minor grammar changes, etc)..

      2. Deborah, I’m sorry to hear about your hurtful experiences. I’m hearing well-founded angst as well as a desire to follow Christ as earnestly and sincerely as possible. I’m intrigued, however, about your statement on how the church has flippantly concocted the 28 fundamental beliefs as a response to the world. I’d really like to know where you read that from. From my current understanding, I see the fund.beliefs as a magnifying glass further illuminating the character of Christ. But, unfortunately, magnifying glasses can illuminate as well as destroy depending on how they are used.

      3. the belief of dressing simply is given more detail as to wear no jewelry ….. After 61 years and having a jeweler as my father this is something I can difficult to give up and more importantly do not see a reason to. Our church (according to which Pastor is in charge) as often refused to baptize people if they wear a wedding ring or some pastors let them wear the rings but then they can’t be on a Committee. And unfortunately half our members believe the same. It is a constant conflict for me. I have been told to just not wear a ring to church. How hypocritical is that eh?

  12. What an excellent job you have done presenting just some of the things about how we as Seventh-day Adventists and all Christians relate to Jesus. I am sharing this with anyone that wants to know what we are all about

  13. Kevin,

    I was raised in the SDA church. Towards my final couple years in high school there were some things in the church that I felt I needed to walk away from. I personally felt that there was more focus towards issues of where an SDA should stand than taking action. It broke my heart because my understanding of being an SDA was simple, treat others how Jesus would, invite them into the house of God and show them Jesus’s ever surrounding love. What I was experiencing was more of a long list of things I shouldn’t do instead of things I could do to share His love. Long story short, I decided to try other denominations. 7 years passed by that I visited other churches. What I found very much shocked me. I found that the SDA church, in my opinion, was the closest following the Bible. This past year I walked back into an SDA church and sat in a pew to hear the sermon. When the sermon was over, I took a big sigh of relief. I finally felt that I was back home, it just felt right. But in all honesty, my visits back have been few and far between.

    I understand that there will be disagreements with different interpretaions, and that is ok. I find your post to be refreshing though. I feel that it embodies how I interpret being an SDA Christian. I found your post on Facebook through one of my friends that shared it. I’m glad I was able to read this because it gives me hope that there are SDA’s out there that see the bigger picture.

    To the people that walk away from church because of others (this includes me), church is a hospital for the sinners, which includes all sins as we are sinful creatures. I truly believe though, that through Jesus, he will show us the light. As members of the congregation, it’s our job to show the people of the world this love, and to remind eachother as well.

    What you have written here has blessed me tonight. Thank you for reminding me why I chose to be a Seventh-day Adventist.


  14. Kevin,

    I have recently been challenged regarding the SDA belief system. I’ve grown up Baptist, and after studying some of what SDA’s value, feel that the Sabbath is the major difference in the two denominations.

    I’m currently studying more with a SDA pastor, and have discussed with my mentor (of Baptist denomination) as well. In no way do I want to appear as devils advocate here, but if you wouldn’t mind, would you be willing to share some of the scriptures you base your beliefs off of? Really, any SDA who reads this can post the scriptures they feel conviction from. I know Exodus 4 holds the bulk.

    A common theme I seem to be running into with Baptists is: one of the reasons Jesus came was to establish new “order” in the Christian faith, so that we no longer live by Old Testament standards (sacrificing animals for our sins, etc.) what I believe most are referring to is in Matthew 5:17-20 when it talks about Jesus fulfilling the law.

    I am not looking to “start anything,” I just want some insight from SDA’s and am trying to get a very well-round perspective.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Edson! Thank you for stopping by brother! I hope that even through the health message and the practicality of the spirit of prophecy, what rings the loudest is Christ and His righteousness!

    1. Hi! I’m glad you were blessed 🙂 I have to thank so many people who’ve helped me see our doctrines with a different lens. The gospel of Christ as portrayed by SDA theology is so beautiful and liberating!

  15. I am a Christian protesting Adventist who wholly believes in who we are and what we represent due to the teachings that we follow. I protest for our faith, for the poor and for those who are not heard.
    We are a non judgemental church (yes we have our flaws, but fundamentally we have righteous judgement as biblically taught).
    My faith is borne time and time again from a fire that exists because I believe that our church follows and administers the Word of God. Yes it’s hard, yes it can isolate, yes we are different. I celebrate that and use the light that that burns to strive every day to do as Jesus did. And my eyes are open knowing that as we hurtle towards the final end it will only get harder. If we stick together and share our lights to the world we will not only save ourselves but others too.

    1. Jo! thank you for your inspiring rally cry brother! It’s during these perilous times we need more people like you who are faithful to this movement of lifting up Christ through the wonderful, redemptive, truths that we have about the love of God! 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing! Your use of, “How we understand the…” personalizes your thoughts for each individual. I agree with your initial single reason, however we all have our own understanding about about the points you made–leading to each responders comments. I am not intending to be critical, but to thank you for your unique and effective style.

    1. I agree, Barbara. I see the diversity of what we believe within the parameters of the 28 as a beautiful thing. You may very well see Christ from a whole different angle than I do and I can learn from that 🙂

  17. Refreshingly well articulated. Thank you for clearly expressing what we feel in our hearts and soul as the core of our faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

  18. Learn and understand the New Covenant and your SDA obsession with old Jewish ritual laws will pale in the love Jesus gave us with the New Covenant. The Jews observe the Jewish Sabbath because they don’t recognize WHO Jesus was, and the SDA’s observe the Jewish Sabbath because they don’t understand WHAT Jesus did for us and gave us.

    1. I believe the old covenant (Mosaic laws) was done away with by the cross but not the 2nd covenant of Social Laws – duty to God and fellow man. We believe the 10 Commandments are to be followed and no judgments made of others are perpetual and never ending.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this. It pretty much sums up our belief as SDA. There is no 28 just 1 reason to be an SDA. God bless you and your ministry. Prayers to you from the Philippines!

    1. I agree with you totally Arvoinen but apparantely the SDA church does not because the 28 Fundamental Beliefs are to be given to new members at baptism. Does your church not require or address the 28 Fundamental Beliefs? Is so, that would be perfect then.

  20. I’d like to share a short story so that others might be blessed by it. Just a few minutes ago I was browsing the internet when I came across this article. I have recently been struggling with an addiction to pornography. I’ve been trying to stay connected with Jesus so that He can help me kick this habit, but it just keeps coming back. At the time I started reading this article, I had been feeling the temptation to view pornography growing inside of me. I was about to give in. I skimmed through the article and the comments, and was thinking to myself that it was a good article that portrayed our beliefs as SDAs well. By time I was finished reading, I felt an almost freeing sensation inside of me. The great love of Jesus that you talk about in this article was compelling me to not sin against Him. While I still wanted to fulfill my sexual desire, giving into the temptation was no longer an option in my mind. The love of Jesus had overcome the devil’s working in my life. I am so thankful for the power of Jesus’ love in my life today! Thank you for this article, I have been greatly blessed as a result of it.

    1. Greg! Oh my word. Thank you so much for your testimony man! JESUS is GREATER than porn! He is greater than our deepest, strongest tendencies! and he has already freed us through His Spirit! Bro, its a daily battle; one day at a time with the Savior. I’m proud of you man! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  21. Crazy question – I’ve been an Adventist all of my life and I have no idea what Sam’s chicken is. Or how it relates to be an SDA. What am I missing? 😝

    1. Haha! Sam’s chicken is a type of veggie meat that is a popular menu item in most Adventist institutions in North America. It’s also a delicacy in most SDA households out here. I’m curious though: where are you currently based?

  22. I have been reading all the comments and felt very sadden about some of them. Speaking of pointing fingers and judging others for what they wear and how other people feels about them is not an attitude belonging to SDA people. Jesus said to go to church even if you dislike them but go because of Me. the other thing is, God is our Judge. God did not build judgment seats
    for us to sit on. If you know the love of God and has experienced how powerful it is, then nothing comes between you and the devils. I think the problem comes from within but not outside. Our mission is suicide, meaning giving all to finish the work of God. Store your treasures in heaven and you will reap eternal life. We all need to be on our knees praying unceasingly and work for the Lord until His return.

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