The Really, Great, Fantastic, News about… Guilt!

Guilt sucks. Nobody likes to feel guilty. Maybe you’re still holding on to guilt from something you’ve done in the past. Maybe you are expecting someone to feel guilty for something they did. Maybe you’re sick and tired feeling it every.single.time you choose to do “it.” No matter who you are, and what you’ve done,Continue reading “The Really, Great, Fantastic, News about… Guilt!”

Post #GCSA15: 5 things Adventist Millenials can do after the General Conference

It. Is. Finished. Now what? These are 5 things that you and I can do in light of, and in response to, what has happened. 1) Speak up. Even Twitter didn’t see it coming – the interactive contribution of SDA millennials across the globe displaying the most effective use of a hashtag I’ve seen tillContinue reading “Post #GCSA15: 5 things Adventist Millenials can do after the General Conference”