How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.

I have to admit. Sometimes I think God is in an abusive relationship with me. I get it. “Abuse” is a word loaded with paper trails, court appeals, and restraining orders. It does have baggage. But when taken at face value, to abuse simply means to misuse, or use improperly. In that vein of thought,Continue reading “How to Abuse Your Relationship With God.”

5 Life Lessons I Learnt From Being a Wedding Emcee.

February 22nd , 2015 was a big day. My friends Russell and Chloe Lewis said “bye” to bachelorhood while Kevin Wilson almost said “bye” to his sanity. It was my first stint as a wedding emcee.  And I was terrified. But after some reflection (and repentance), I realized that not all was lost. It actuallyContinue reading “5 Life Lessons I Learnt From Being a Wedding Emcee.”